Macbook Sleeve 13-inch / 15-inch



Macbook Sleeve with Poppie


Fantastic Macbook Sleeve Case with a red poppie, yellow- green background. Enjoy protecting your MacBook with this unique, colourful and uplifting sleeve case.

This easy to open, gorgeous, soft fabric sleeve protects your laptop from scratches and drops. This is a high-quality product made of neoprene and soft suede materials. The neoprene will absorb any shocks on impact, while the soft suede-like inside will make sure that laptops stays scratch-free.

The sublimation printing ensures perfect printing quality.

This Sleeve is for:

  • 13 inch Sleeve inner sizes : 342 x 267 x 16 mm

  • 15 inch Sleeve inner sizes: 375 x 285 x 16 mm


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