Crossbody iPhone Case Poppie



Crossbody Case


Beautiful Apple iPhone Crossbody Case with a macro picture of a Poppie. Fantastic picture making your phone elegant and unique.

Our crossbody phone cases combine the practicality of a bag with a back printed phone cases. At the moment available for all recent iPhones (iPhone 7 – iPhone 14). These iPhone cases with a strap are well built, combining a thick strap and fixed, secure loops. We have added an extra thick bumper at the corners of the cases to protect your phone against impacts.  The back of the case is made of hard PC material and the sides of flexible TPU. The crossbody phone cases are printed using our UV printer technology to ensure a high quality finish.

This phone case can be worn around your body. It can take a hit and is made with a high quality print technique.

This case is transparent at the side.

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