Samsung Wallet Case with red flower



wallet case


Samsung Galaxy Wallet case with red-flowering currant macro photograph. This design is for Samsung Galaxy A51 / S5/S5 Neo / S6 / S6 Edge / S7 Edge / S21 5G / S22 / S22 plus / S22 Ultra .

This wallet case is made of artificial leather and is animal-friendly. The front side is printed using sublimation printing technology. The phone is stored in a hard plastic shell, while the front flap protects the screen. The case itself is black and since the wallet cases are front printed, the backside of the wallet remains black. The case will fit your phone perfectly!

This Print is finalized and shipped by Invition. Invition is an integral part of this shop. They print and ship out orders from their various fulfillment centers, which allows me to focus on photographing and designing new products which you then may enjoy.


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